Friday, March 20, 2015

Jake and The Neverland Pirates Read and Play Book

Hey, everyone! Today’s post is going live late because Mom had a bit of an accident last night. She slipped and hurt her knee pretty bad and so Dad took her to the ER. She’s okay now. The doctor said it’s just some strained ligaments. She needs some bed rest though that’s why I’ve been by her side the whole day.

So, I will keep today’s post short and sweet.

jake and the neverland pirates read and play book

This is like the Cars book in yesterday’s post.


Jake and the Neverland Pirates is also my favorite.


Here are Izzy and Cubby and don’t forget Scully!

Guess who my favorite characters are!


Captain Hook and Mr. Smee and his big tummy! Teehee!


I also like it when Sharky and Bones start to sing!


That’s the end of this post. Let’s count our gold doubloons!

Stay tuned for more toys and magical posts!

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