Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kinetic Sand Knockoff

Hi, everyone! Isaac's mom here. We're sorry for being away for so long. Isaac started school in August. He is still homeschooled so we have time to post our toys here. We just needed to have a steady schedule. Hopefully, we will be able to post regularly on this blog.

Today, we will share with you this Kinetic Sand Knockoff set which was a gift to Isaac from his aunt C.

It's a really good product for a knockoff. It molds well and is not very messy. Kinetic Sand just gets all over the place. I have to give Isaac a bath after playing with it. Kinetic sand sticks to our hair, arms, legs and feet. It's also very hard to clean up as it gets into the floor crevices.

This comes in different colors. 

It came with these molds to make a sand castle.

I don't know if these came with the set or if my cousin just bought them separately.

Here's a video: