Monday, May 18, 2015

Is Buying a Box of (Local) Kinder Joy Worth It?


Let’s face it. Most kids are crazy about Kinder Joy or surprise eggs. I, for one, am crazy about them! I get excited whenever mom hands me one. S&R sells them by boxes of 6. Grandma got me a box. I wasn’t really thrilled with what I got.


The thing about these local surprise eggs is that the advertised toys don’t usually match what’s inside the eggs. This box was a pretty good match but I still got disappointed with the quality of the toys and the excitement factor. Now don’t go saying “but it’s just 50 pesos!” I know. Why are the imported counterparts so much better? Are they priced higher?


For this box, I mostly got identical toys so in reality, I only got 3 kinds of toys.

The most fun I’ve had with the local surprise eggs is when I got an orange Hot Wheels but then again, the quality is not so good as the pieces don’t fit perfectly. Dad had a hard time connecting the two parts and they’re still crooked.

Mom pretty much stopped buying these eggs (unless they’re the Hot Wheels version. )

On the other hand, Mom and I go crazy over these eggs:


Each egg contains a robot. Isn’t that cool?


Sorry, I don’t have a photo of the finished bot as dad and I kinda wrecked them as soon as mom finished building them. Teehee!

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