Monday, February 22, 2016

Transformers Rescue Bots - Optimus Prime

Mom gave me this Optimus Prime Rescue Bot as a prize for doing well in my exams. 

Like the other Rescue Bots in our collection, this one transforms into a dinosaur. 

Just twist Optimus' torso, close the top (keep his head) and voila. You have a dinosaur!

Stay tuned for my complete collection of Transformers Rescue Bots!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We Finally Found Mtambo!

Mom never gives up looking for the missing pieces in our Chuggington collection. When she goes into a new toy store, she immediately looks for Chuggington toys. One day, her efforts paid off when she found Mtambo in Rustan's! 

Mom saw Mtambo before, hidden away on a pedestal shelf at Rustan's. She didn't buy it that time and regretted it because the following week, all the Chuggington toys were gone. That was last year and the last time we visited Rustan's, she saw Mtambo again and this time, she didn't hesitate!

Now we only need a few more characters and our collection is complete!

I love that Mtambo is a double decker train. 

Mom says she can't wait to go back to Baguio to finally get all our missing characters. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

What I Got for Christmas

I know it's February but better late than never!

We have a collection of these Rescue Bots

Bumblebee Rescue Repair Station

Lego Duplo with Captain Hook and Scully

Peppa's Rocket but she's not included. It's just George and the other dude. 

Power Rangers Mega Bloks

That's it guys! Till next time!