Monday, March 16, 2015

Awesome Dinosaurs!

We love to travel so Mom always makes sure that I have enough toys and activities to do while we are in the hotel, while in restaurants and even in the bus or plane. Last month, we went to CDO and Iligan City. Mom got me this Awesome Dinosaurs pack from Pocket Money Fun.

pocket money fun awesome dinosaurs


It comes with 5 dinosaurs and this trivia book.


The trivia book is really nice. Very informative. I ask Mom to read to me while I play with the dinosaurs. When she finishes the book, I finish playing too and put everything back in the box.


I have to admit though, I didn’t like this pack when Mom pulled it out when we were in the CDO airport, waiting for our lunch. I played with my cars instead. Teehee! I only played with this set when we got back home.

Pocket Money Fun also has packs for girls. Actually, they have 2 versions for girls while they only have this one for boys. I hope they make more.

Hope you liked my dinosaurs! Stay tuned for more toys and magical posts!

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