Thursday, March 12, 2015

Doh-Dough Happy Meals

Welcome to my magical toy closet! Today, I will share with you this Doh-Dough Happy Meals play set.

doh-dough happy meals set

We love playing with Play-Doh but the sets here in Manila are limited and expensive. This set is a great alternative.


It comes with 6 tubs of dough and a ton of molds!


It comes with a few directions too and teaches kids a few little skills.


Here are the actual toys.


corn// flower doughnut// chicken wing // fancy doughnut // another doughnut mold// heart // ice cream cone // popsicle // regular doughnut

I personally like the popsicle molds.


These are the tray molds for making burgers, more chicken, fruit slices, veggies, etc.


These are extruders for making fries and a star shaped mold. The blue one is a rolling pin.


popsicle sticks // knife // sticks


the chicken bucket // ice cream sundae cup


more accessories – doughnut box // burger box // fries box // fancy cone wrappers

We didn’t touch the dough anymore because we prefer the original Play-Doh brand. This is a great set for toddlers. It teaches creativity and develops fine motor skills.

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