Monday, January 4, 2016

Advent Calendar Gifts and Another Tonka Truck

If you are subscribed to my channel over on YouTube, you'd know that we opened some Advent Calendar presents before Christmas. Here are some of them that we were not able to show on the video.

This is a '67 Austin Mini Van. I love the Union Jack and mom buys me stuff that has the flag emblazoned on it. 

Another book for Christmas. I have a ton of books. Mom likes buying several every week.

This is a Lightning straw cup which contains candies and stickers inside. 

This would have been great. I have the Minions one but this one leaks. Mom can't return it to the store anymore as there is a 7-day policy on exchanges. 

We also opened another Tonka Big Rig truck and this is the Flatbed Pipe Truck which I mentioned in my last post. This was a prize. 

Mom says we will try to post more regularly. Well, fingers crossed. If we don't have any new stuff here, just hop on over to our YT channel and subscribe!

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