Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Spidey, Some New Cars and a Vintage Hot Wheels

Hey, everyone! As promised, here is a closer look at some of the toys I mentioned in yesterday's post. 

Here's Spidey when he was still in the box. Uhm.. mom totally forgot to take a photo of him when she took him out.  Teehee!

This is my Custom V-8 Vega. I really like the color. 

This guy came from grandma. I think this is circa 1980 or 1990. 

This is the Radar Ranger from the Buggin' Out series. 

Finally, my Rumble Raider.

I really like big trucks. 

More toys to come!

Monday, June 29, 2015

My Car Toy Pack

Hey, everyone! Today, I will share with you my car toy kit. Here it is.

Sorry for the photo. Mom took these during the night. 

The bag comes with several pockets to store toys and art stuff. It also has a roll out table which you can see below. 

These are the toys that mom put in the pack. I don't actually use them. I prefer looking out the window and watching other cars and buildings. 

Tomorrow I will share with you some of the toys up-close. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Sweet Streets

This food truck's name is Sweet Streets but it's actually a Pizza Truck.

There's actually someone to take your order but there's not driver!

I actually put a ton of Play-Doh inside the truck. Mom had a fit! She really had a hard time removing all the dough. 

I have another food truck that sells caramels. I'll try to look for it and post it here. What do you think of my food truck?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Soap Suds Koko

Hi again! I am posting 2 toys today to make up for my absence. We celebrated my birthday by going on a staycation in one of the hotels in our city. We did a lot of things during our 5-day staycation. And of course, I got a ton of new toys to show you in the coming days!

This one is Soap Suds Koko. She was the only missing from our collection. If you can remember, I have this Wilson Carrying Case. I put all my die cast Chuggers inside. Brewster came with the set. Dad got me Wilson for my birthday. My grandma found Koko in Baguio as Chuggington is phased out in Manila. 

All the trains can be connected to each other. I will show you the other Chuggers that Dad got me. The set includes Action Chugger!

Bet you can't catch Koko!

Melissa and Doug Wooden Vehicles and Traffic Signs

I've had this set for so long now, I think even before I turned one. My grandma bought me this set after she saw me getting it at NBS every time we were there. But I think they got this particular set at Market! Market! during a toy fair. 

I love this set. Until now I still play with it. As you can see, the vehicles are already showing signs of wear and love. I have a similar puzzle from the same brand which mom got for me. It's also my favorite out of all my puzzles.

The wooden case is not very useful after opening it as it is only covered by plastic which you can't put back on. However, you can use it to display the collection or for pattern play. 

I wish there were more Melissa and Doug products here. Toys 'R Us seems to be running out of new stocks. This particular one is no longer available but I think you can still get it at NBS.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Matchbox International MXT MVA

Check out this MVA.

I had to Google what MXT MVA means. It means Military Extreme Truck - Military Version Armored. 

This kind of vehicle has protection against bullets, mines and IEDs. Pretty cool vehicle, if you ask me. 

Sorry if I haven't been active lately. We're pretty busy around here as my birthday's coming up. I'm pretty sure I'll have tons of awesome toys by then so stay tuned!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Yo, Spidey! 'Sup Iron Man?

My current favorite characters are Spiderman and Iron Man. So naturally, mom got me these action figures. 

They are simple and easy to play with, perfect for little ones. I can move the head, arms and torso. 

I asked mom to get me Captain America too. Still scared of Hulk though. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

This Clay is NOT for Little Hands

As you all know, we are huge fans of Play-Doh. We play with it every single day. So, it's no surprise that mom got interested with this product when she saw it at the local bookstore. 

It says on the box that it stays soft. That was a plus. When we opened it, we knew exactly why. 

The clay is super sticky. It really sticks on our hands. The color also bleeds into the skin. Mom tested the red clay and she ended up with red fingers which needed some scrubbing with soap and water in order to remove. She immediately packed this up and kept it in her Mommy Drawer. 

Disney Cars Speed Block Builders

This is another toy that mom got for me when I was just a baby. I guess she's a really excited mom with all the toys she has in her gift closet. I started playing with blocks way before I turned 1. 

I really like this set because the top cover (black) works as a base for when I make my 'robots'. The blocks also lock in together nice and tight unlike Megabloks which are very loose. 

I think these are no longer available in toy stores in Manila. Mom said that she should have bought 2 sets. Oh, well. I still have my Megabloks. Oh, by the way. These blocks don't fit together with Megabloks. These are smaller. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Iron Man Motorized Battle Charger

I am amazed at mom's foresight. She said that she bought this toy when I was just a wee baby. She said she's not sure if I would like Iron Man when I got bigger but she was sure that I liked cars so she got this because of the car mode. 

You start out with a car and then when you push it really fast and really hard, it transforms into Iron Man. 

Iron Man stands up when the car breaks. Dad and I love playing with this. 

Stay tuned for more toys!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Porsche 934 Turbo RSR

Mom got me this car. If it's a Porsche, she immediately gets it. I think she sees a pattern. Most Hot Wheels cars that I pick out are Porsches.