Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Baguio Activity Bag

We’re still having some Internet issues that’s why I’m not posting regularly. Anyway, today, I’d like to share with you my Baguio Activity Bag.

my baguio activity bag

This is my bag. Mom got it for me when I was just a few months old. She likes to be ready, you know.

Here’s what mom packed:


We didn’t like this Play-Doh set. I will post a separate review. Hot Wheels are always a must.


This is a new book. I love Dr. Seuss and this is a really fun book as I can play with the fishes on top.


We brought these Touch Bubbles and played with them in Burnham Park.



More Play-Doh – ice cream extruder, a shapes extruder, pink Play-Doh and ice cream cones.


I love these car stickers.


This is a pop-up book.


This croc always goes with us. You just press the teeth one by one and then the mouth suddenly shuts close, “biting” you if you press the the right tooth. It’s a different tooth every single time.


Mom brought this Tom & Jerry cup which I can decorate with stickers. I never used this.


This is a scratch and reveal sheet. There’s just one sheet and that’s it.


I like to doodle a lot and so mom always brings this Jake white board and marker. More stickers!


Crayons are also a must-have. This is my colors and shapes flash card set. I already know these so they kinda bore me.


That’s me and dad, playing with my stuff. Oh, there’s my Spidey magic erase board too.

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