Saturday, April 4, 2015

Giant Easter Egg 2015 from Dad

Hi everyone! I’m sorry I was away for a long time. We went on a vacation in Baguio for a week. There was no Internet and mom’s laptop always breaks down in Baguio. It gets fixed when we get back to Manila.

Anyway, mom and dad gave me my Easter eggs early. Check it out!

Giant easter egg 2015 from dad

What’s inside?

Penguins Happy Meal Toy, SWAT Matchbox, Optimus Prime Construct Bots, Bumblebee Construct Bots and 2 packs of Choco Mallows!

Mom shot an “unboxing” video. This is our first time shooting a video so please be nice!

Stay tuned for my Giant Easter Egg from Mom!

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