Thursday, June 25, 2015

Soap Suds Koko

Hi again! I am posting 2 toys today to make up for my absence. We celebrated my birthday by going on a staycation in one of the hotels in our city. We did a lot of things during our 5-day staycation. And of course, I got a ton of new toys to show you in the coming days!

This one is Soap Suds Koko. She was the only missing from our collection. If you can remember, I have this Wilson Carrying Case. I put all my die cast Chuggers inside. Brewster came with the set. Dad got me Wilson for my birthday. My grandma found Koko in Baguio as Chuggington is phased out in Manila. 

All the trains can be connected to each other. I will show you the other Chuggers that Dad got me. The set includes Action Chugger!

Bet you can't catch Koko!

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