Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fisher Price Doctor's Kit

I don't like going to the doctor. I like my doctor but I just don't like the needles and all that fuss and attention. So, mom got me this doctor's kit so that we can play doctor-patient at home. This is also great to use when learning about community helpers. 

It says on the box that the stethoscope really works. We tried it but we can't really hear our heart beat although when you tap on the chestpiece, you can hear a sound similar to the sound you hear when you tap on a real stethoscope. The ear tips are also too big even for mom and dad so I still really can't use it. Mom says her ears hurt whenever she uses this. 

The set also includes a bandaid, thermometer, injection, a blood pressure cuff, otoscope and a bag to carry it all. I like using the injection and bandaid.

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